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Guide to Bicycle Saddles - New Jersey


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Guide to Bicycle Saddles 

The poor old saddle is often blamed for all sorts of problems that may range from simple bum soreness to a prostrate. Getting the right saddle requires both knowledge and often-times trial and error, as there are several factors to consider, but it’s certainly worth the effort as having a well-fitting saddle can greatly increase your comfort level when riding. Choosing a saddle begins with some simple considerations – your gender, body structure, type of riding, riding style and any riding preferences you may have. Once chosen, a saddle still needs to be fitted and adjusted to ensure you get the most out of it. In this guide, we’ll cover all of these topics as well as some other tricks of the trade. You can navigate this guide using the links below: Why the Bicycle Saddle / Seat is Important Saddle Misconceptions Types of Bicycle Saddles Racing Comfort Cruiser Other types Riding style-specific Gender-specific Saddle Design, Features and Materials Saddle Styles Quality and Price Ranges Where to Buy Saddle’s Affect on the Body General Comfort Blood Flow Muscle Development Injury Prevention Complete Alternatives Related Resources

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